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The Dental Burr Clinic, Ruesch Clinic, MediConsult and Sao Paulo Medical Center together to promote the culture of health and well-being.

Today, thanks to the voucher "Salute" Me & Family you can buy for yourself and for each component of your family, a specialist consultancy at a discounted rate.

What are the health benefits that you can buy through the voucher? 

The Voucher corresponds to a value of €50. The entire amount is only expendable at one of the listed facilities and for the indicated performance. 

  • Dental Burr Clinic: implantological Check-up, dental TAC-Total cost €50
  • Clinica Ruesch: Physiatric counseling, posturological Counseling-Total Cost €50
  • MediConsult/San Paolo Medical Center: Ophthalmology examination + spirometry-Total cost €50

The ophthalmology visit at the Sao Paulo Medical Center includes: 

  • Examination of the refraction and autorefractometry
  • Control, sight measurement and any prescription corrective lenses
  • Applanation tonometry (Measurement of eye pressure)
  • Screening for glaucoma Prevention
  • Examination of the Ocular fund (posterior pole and eventual retinal periphery with applanation lens to highlight retinal rupture
  • Binocular and Streoscopic Vision control
  • Amsler Test for Macular functionality (the area of the eye with the highest definition capacity)
  • Test for color perception and ocular functionality for the evaluation of early optic nerve and macula pathologies
  • Study of ocular motility for latent or manifest strabisms (cover test)
  • Contrast sensitivity Test
  • Corneal ultrasonography (pachymetry)


The voucher is strictly personal. NON-Transferable and NON-refundable in case of loss or if presented beyond the date of validity (15 0ttobre 2019).

Reservation required and must be made at least 3-4 days before performing the service.

For information: T. 081 7,178,330 – WhatsApp only: 342.743.6573-Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.30.

  • Dental Burr Clinic: Viale Gramsci Antonio, 20-www.clinicadentalebava.it
  • Clinica Ruesch: Viale Maria Cristina, 39 – www.clinicaruesch.it
  • SAO Paulo Medical Center: John Fitzgerald Kennedy Avenue, 5, www.sanpaolomedicalcenter.it
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