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Important support at a special time.

Course accompanying the birth and parenthood

Pregnancy and becoming parents are unique milestones in everyone's life. They are processes that lead, both the individual and the couple, to live profound changes at the physical and interior level.

The arrival of a son entails the birth of new identities (mother-father) accompanied certainly by desire and joy but also by insecurities and fears.

Natural childbirth or cesarean delivery? A course for everyone!

The Pre-partum course in the clinic Ruesch aims to support the prospective parents until the birth of their child, and in particular to help the woman to know and manage what will happen during the final phase of pregnancy, the moment of childbirth-that is Natural or Caesarean – and the first time after childbirth.

With this intent, a team of skilled and skilled professionals, will complement the future mother and the partner in anticipation of this wonderful event.

Faculty List

(in order of appearance in the context of the pre-partum course)

  1. Michela Daniele – Obstetrician
  2. Chiara Fiore – Midwife 
  3. Maria D'Alpino – Midwife
  4. Mena Cimmino – Midwife
  5. Fabrizia Magliulo – Psychologist
  6. Marinella Rotondo – Psychologist
  7. Fabio Perricone – Gynecologist – Contact for the donation of umbilical cord blood
  8. Luisa Caliendo – General Medicine – contact for the preservation of umbilical cord blood
  9. Roberto Tortorella – Doctor-Nutritionist
  10. Giusy Zeo – Beautician
  11. Diana Facchini – Music Therapist
  12. Anaestheesiological Guard H24
  13. Desiree Sordino – Neonatologist
  14. Daniela Falcone – Pediatric Nurse

Note. The pre-partum course is a benefit that can be enjoyed directly or repayable by the assisted on the basis of the pre-established health insurance policy.  

Collective Course

The Collective Course includes 6 meetings on a weekly basis of 2 hours each (1h of theory plus 1 h of practice), once a week from 14:30 to 16:30 at the Ruesch Clinic.

The cost of the collective course is €140.00 VAT included. The registered moms will be awarded the Ruesch Card and will be charged a price of €130.00 VAT included.

During the theoretical phase the mother-Father Dyad will be accompanied along the whole course; From conception, through pregnancy, to childbirth and to caring for the unborn future.

In the practical phase, through the gentle gymnastics, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques (autogenic training) will prepare your body to face the experience of the labor and childbirth.

The meetings will also allow you to get in touch with the structure.

The course includes, in fact, sessions of "direct approach" during which the future mothers will visit the delivery room, will familiarize themselves with the equipment for labor and know the nest, while our team is happy to answer all the Questions to them asked.

Preparatory courses 2019/2020 (agg. 18/09/2019)

  • MAY – JUNE 2020: 19 MAY – 30 JUNE 

The calendar above is only indicative. Dates may be subject to change. 

If interested, please contact the organizational secretariat that will collect memberships and will try to create groups based on the DPP of the affected moms: corsopreparto@clinicaruesch.it – T. – 39 0817178470 – whatsapp only: 3421898033 

Theoretical meetings of the pre-partum Ruesch course:

 The passage from the Dyad to the triad (from the couple to the family)

Explanation of protocol for the preservation and donation of blood from umbilical cord

Nutrition: Myths and legends to debunk in pregnancy and lactation

The care of the child in pregnancy and in view of childbirth

Visit to the birth room and nest. Anaestheesiological techniques during childbirth

Baby care, first days at home and breastfeeding

"Practical" part with midwives:

Breathing and relaxation exercises. Autogenic Training. Pelvic floor gymnastics. Views… And so much more!

Individual lessons

As an alternative to the collective pre-partum course you can also attend individual lessons with the Midwife.

The cost of the individual lesson with the Midwife is €60.00/hour.

In case of individual lessons, the schedules and the days of the meetings will be established at a time according to the needs of the mother and those of our structure.

The calendar may be subject to change. Pre-partum courses may also be activated on dates other than those indicated above.

If interested, please contact the organizational Secretariat that will collect the membership and try to create groups according to the DPP of the moms concerned.

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