Physical and Rehabilitative Therapy


Physical and Rehabilitative Therapy

To recover functionality and well-being, put yourself in the right hands


Physical therapy can solve many problems of an orthopedic and neurological type, due to trauma, surgery, chronic deficits, but also to tensions and pains associated with sedentary lifestyles, flawed postures and occupational diseases.

The most common problems that can benefit from physical and rehabilitative therapy services are:

  • Cervicalgia, low back pain, dorsalgia, sciatica, brachialgia, herniated disc, disc protrusions
  • Tensive headaches and vertigo of cervical origin
  • Sprains, bruises, dislocations, tendinitis, muscle-tendon tears, muscle strains, contractures, joint deficits
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, rhizoarthritis, De Quervain syndrome, epicondylitis, periarthritis
  • Whiplash, sequelae of fractures
  • Outcomes for surgery on the upper limbs (eg shoulder-hand), lower limbs8es. hip, knee, ligament, meniscus and vertebral column prostheses)

The Physical Therapy and rehabilitation also supports the following branches:

  • General Surgery (eg Prevention of bed rest syndrome)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology (eg, pre-natal gymnastics, post-partum cervico-dorso-lumbago)
  • Plastic Surgery (eg post-operative lymphatic stasis)

It is possible to contact our specialists also for the treatment of pathologies of the developmental age (children and young people from 8 to 20 years):

– Size asymmetry

– Dismetrie
– Knees (valgus – varus)
– Hypercosis
– Hyperlordosis
– Osteochondrosis at extra-articular site (Sinding-Larsen’s disease) (Osgood-Schlatter disease)
– Vertebral osteochondrosis with intra-articular site (Scheuermann’s disease)
– Foot (flat – cable)
– Hindfoot / heel (varus – valgus)
– Scoliosis flat foot – hollow

By seeking an empathic approach with the patient, the team of physiotherapists at the Ruesch Clinic offer specific courses for every need and therapeutic purpose, combining traditional protocols and modern techniques.

From medical gymnastics to physiotherapy massages to instrumental physical therapy, the facility thus provides various specialized services and treatments, professional skills and cutting-edge equipment, including innovative technologies of the latest generation, with constant attention to the person as a whole.


– Analgesic Electrotherapy

– Stimulating electrotherapy

– Laser therapy

– Magnetic

– Shock waves

– Tecarterapia

– Ultrasound



– Postural Exercises

– District Massage Therapy

– Lymphatic drainage massage therapy

– Simple motor re-education

– Complex motor re-education

– Cardio-respiratory rehabilitation

– Taping



Therapies are made by appointment.

For information and reservations:

081.7178.425 – 081. 7178.414

From Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 20.30


Alta tecnologia e strumentazioni di grande qualità sono un punto di forza della clinica


Profili medici riconoscibili e sempre disponibili a fornire un consulto professionale


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