Magnetic Resonance

The Ruesch Clinic involves professionals from different medical specialists in the clinical area


In the Ruesch Clinic diagnostic magnetic resonance tests are carried out with Esaote’s G-scan Brio. 

It is an extremely advanced diagnostic imaging system, the only one available in Campania, which represents a revolutionary approach to Magnetic Resonance. 

Esaote’s G-scan Brio provides clinicians and patients at the Ruesch Clinic with a wide range of applications in musculoskeletal imaging (knees, ankles, feet, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders) and head and neck imaging. vertebral column. 

Thanks to its advanced technology it offers high image quality, more precision and high comfort for the patient. 

The Ruesch Nursing Home has chosen to acquire the most advanced model of the G-scan line also for an important reason: G-scan Brio is the only tiltable MRI system that allows orthostatic applications.  

This means that it is possible to make MRI diagnoses with Patients Under Physiological Load. During the examination, in fact, the patient can assume a position, horizontal, vertical and even sit.  

In this way, during the examination, the operators can analyze the patient’s anatomy in the most representative positions of daily life and thus have more reliable information than those obtainable by keeping the patient in the traditional supine positions.  

The natural postural load, in fact, involves biomechanical changes of the human anatomy so it can add important details for a more complete diagnosis. 

Suffice it to say that many symptoms and pathologies become evident and change their appearance when the patient is in a physiological load position (vertical or sitting). 

Conventional MRI may not detect a disease related to particular symptoms.  

G-scan Brio instead offers a new point of view that allows you to diagnose pathologies of the musculoskeletal system related to the physiological load position. The position of the patient becomes an integral part of the examination result. 

G-scan Brio Premium allows for a more comprehensive exam than a traditional MRI exam.​

Magnetic Resonance Naples

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