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 This is the way to raise awareness of our Health Facilities, Ruesch Clinic and Sao Paulo Medical Center, in the city of Naples. These facilities are a reference in Neapolitan health care, thanks to the great professionalism of our specialists and our care and reception staff.

We believe that we have created Medical Centres that can respond, in a modern way and with a high quality standard, to the phenomenon of "health migration", putting the needs of the patient at the center of our attention and dedicating all our skills resolution of the species problem. More insights can be found in our institutional sites:

Ruesch Care House: https://www.clinicaruesch.it/

Sao Paulo Medical Center:

Our healthcare offer is totally private, but we are affiliated with the major health funds and large insurance companies (e.g. Previmedical, Generali – Welion, Unisalute, Phases, BlueAssistance, AXA, etc.). In this regard, we would like to point out a new agreement with a prestigious contractual health fund, Qu.A.S. (Quadri Health Care Fund) of which we are the referents in particular for hospitalizations for Campania and all of South-Italy.

For our affiliates we are able to offer, either totally or with small deductibles, a service of the highest professionalism of health and excellence in hospitality.

Our facilities were created to overcome the problem of health migration, through a great professionalism of our specialists, our paramedics and our workers associated with cutting-edge technologies.

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