In order to promote the culture of Prevention, the Ruesch Clinic is pleased to inform all those who have a Health Policy with MetaHealth that we have an agreement with the Metalworkers Health Fund.

So, if you have a Health Policy with MetaHealth, take advantage of the Health Savings Plan, discover all the benefits of "doing Prevention" and book immediately in Clinic Ruesch at least one of the protocols intended for the early diagnosis of Chronic Diseases Not Transmissible (MCNT):

  • Men/Women's Package,
  • Hypertension Package
  • Asthma and COPD Prevention Package

If, in fact, the policyholder will carry out at least one of the protocols for the early detection of chronic non-communicable diseases (MCNT) annually, an amount will be credited to his Health account at the end of the three-year period. 25% of the annual premium.

This amount can be used to increase, in any case, up to the amount of expenditure, in subsequent annuities the amount of reimbursements requested by the household and/or to reduce the incidence of any allowances paid by the policyholder ( overdrafts and deductibles).

Prevention rewards you!!

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