"Regeneration in Orthopedic 2.0. Systemic and biological stimulation of the bone. State of the art: methods, applications, results and legislation."

Friday 29 November 2019

Ruesch Clinical Studies Center, Avenue Maria Cristina 39, 80122 Naples

President Prof. Rinaldo Giancola 

Vice President Prof.Carlo Ruosi 

Scientific Secretariat: Guido Antonini 

Restoration in Orthopedic 2.0 – ECM COURSE – 6 credits

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We know the present, but it is the future that we must look to, to improve the present.

With this thought the themes carried out in the conference deal with the management of the orthogeriatric patient, the stimulation of the bone: systemic, physical and biological, thinking about the present and the future.

We will have the opportunity to listen to experiences and provoke comparisons.

We are convinced that both the arguments and the high scientific value of the speakers will stimulate our interest and give answers to many questions that we have asked ourselves in recent years.


  • Antonini G., Milan

  • Bouler J.M., Nantes

  • Bova A., Naples

  • Bove G., Naples

  • Capuano N., Naples

  • Celardo C., Naples

  • Cioffi L., Naples

  • Colella G., Naples

  • Curci L., Naples

  • Farè M.S., Milan

  • Ferrara F., Milan

  • Ficat J.J., Toulouse

  • Fiorentino S., Verona

  • Giancola R., Milan

  • Misasi M., Naples

  • Monteleone G., Naples

  • Orabona N., Naples

  • Rosa D., Naples

  • Rossano G., Naples

  • Wheels C., Naples

  • Santoleri L., Milan

  • Sarni L.,Bari

  • Down P., Stop

  • Sciarretta F.V., Rome

  • Ventura C., Bologna

  • Vittore D., Bari

Accreditation for: up to 60 people

Course recipients: The course is aimed at the following professionals: Orthopaedics, Rheumatologists, Physiotherapists, Physiotherapists and Nurses.

Registrations no later than Friday, November 22.

Entry fee: 100 euros (including VAT) for Doctors. FREE for nurses and nurses.

Organizational Secretariat:

Congress Planner S.r.l
.Dr. Laura CabibV
ia Giambattista Pergolesi, 1 – 80122 Naples – Italy
tel. 081 2479972




09.30 Participant Registration

10.00 Introduction to the works: R. Giancola, C. Ruosi


Moderators: L. Cioffi, M. Misasi, G. Colella

10.10 Regenerative Activity of Osteoporosis Drugs – F. Ferrara

10.30 Early identification of patients at risk of fracture – C. Ruosi

10.50 Adipose fabric – F. Sciarretta

11.10 The PRP and Bone Marrow – L. Santoleri

11.40 Bone Bank – M.S. Fare

12.00 Discussion


12.20 Stem cells: stimulation – C. Ventura

13.00 Lunch break


13:45 – 14:00 The ACP system – L. Santoleri

2:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. The ACA system – F. V. Sciarretta           


Moderators: N. Capuano, A. Bova, N. Orabona, D. Rosa

14.20 Radiofrequency in Orthopaedics – G. Rossano – C. Celardo

14.30 Anti-inflammatory and regenerative collagen infiltration activities – L. Curci, G. Bove

14.50 Organic cement – J. M. Bouler

15.10 Osteoporosis and microfractures – P. Scendoni

15.30 Discussion


Moderators: D. Vittore, G. Monteleone, J.J. Ficat

15.50 The osteonecrosis of the head of the femur and femoral condili: a new method – G. Antonini

16.10 Augmentation in the fractures of the coming femur and heel –
L. Sarni

16.30 The coming crap of the low-energy femur: can it be stemmed? T
he femoroplasty? – R. Giancola

16.50 Discussion

17.10 What does the law require us to do? The expert's opinion – S. Fiorentino

17.30 Discussion

18.00 Conclusions – R. Giancola, C. Ruosi

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