From Monday, May 4, the Ruesch Clinic gradually resumes its outpatient (visits and examinations) and hospitalization activities, no longer limited to the only emergencies/indifferibility guaranteed to date.

In order to protect the health of our patients and employees, we have adopted a number of measures to ensure the safety of access and stay in the facility. 

A checkpoint at the entrance has been introduced.

Access is only allowed with the mask and everyone will be detected the temperature and will be invited to sanitize the hands with special disinfectant provided by the structure.

Dedicated pathways have been created for obstetrics and screenings specific to all admissions.

The waiting areas have been removed to ensure spaced out and protective glass has been installed at all acceptance desks.

The bar is only allowed to consume at the tables, reduced in number of seats, and it is necessary to stay for the strictly necessary time.

Environments are continuously sanitized using a specific protocol.

In order to ensure the safety of all and avoid gatherings of people outpatient access is allowed to the patient only and an escort is allowed only in case of a patient who is not self-sufficient.

In addition, at the time of booking, the patient will be subjected to a specific questionnaire and will receive the time of the appointment to which it is essential to follow to access the facility.

For bookings:

Phone: 0817178111

Email: info@clinicaruesch.it