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Where tradition is renewed and looks towards the future

Yesterday – The History
The Ruesch Clinic is one of the oldest private clinics in Naples. It was founded in 1919 by the Swiss businessman Hans Ruesch who wanted to offer free health care to his employees and their families who worked at his textile mills in Sarno.

At the same time, the Duchess Elena D’Aosta moved the “Blue Cross” (Croce Azzurra) Nursing School to nearby Villa Landolo and formed a close working collaboration with the Ruesch Clinic.
The “Blue Cross” (Croce Azzurra) Nursing School was founded in 1896, the first of its kind.
The School obtained great results due to the strong discipline and high selection standards for the nurses. And at the same time the Ruesch Clinic was quickly becoming well known due to collobrations with various talented specialists.

The focus and professionalism during those years is visible in the “Book of Signatures” (Libro delle firme) from the Clinic, where you can read comments from patients expressing great satisfication and gratitude following their treatment.

Since then the Ruesch Clinic has always remained true to the spirit of its founders and has continued to carry out treatments to the highest standard and with results acknowledged globally.

Well-known doctors and specialists, prominent in their fields of expertise, have come to the Ruesch Clinic over the years, helping to consolidate the prestige of the clinic and also contribute to growing Neopolitan medical traditions.

The trust that Neopolitans have in the Ruesch Clinic is clear from the list in the archives of over 75,000 births having taken place at the clinic over the years.

And that’s why today, in many Neopolitan households it is not difficult to find someone that was born at the Ruesch Clinic.


Today – The Present and The Future

Traditional values continue to be confirmed and updated. Patients are offered first rate medical expertise, high standards of service and qualified nursing assistance.

The Ruesch Clinic, recently renovated, covers over an area of 6,000m2.
It has state of the art technology in both the surgical and diagnostic departments and, is constantly adding new specialisations to widen the services and treatments it can offer.
Hotel standard comfort and attention to detail are all elements which contribute to the clinic having the optimum welcome for its patients.

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