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Chirurgia Generale

La Chirurgia Generale è una specializzazione chirurgica che si concentra soprattutto sugli organi della cavità addominale, come per esempio l'intestino, quindi l'esofago, lo stomaco, il colon, il fegato, la cistifellea e spesso si occupa anche della tiroide e delle ernie.


La Clinica Ruesch è convenzionata con la maggior parte dei Circuiti Assisurativi e promuove Accordi di Convenzionamento Diretto con Enti Pubblici e Privati, Società, Associazioni.


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High Technology for the safeguarding  of your Health











T. +39 081.7178.451


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Analysis Laboratory

Guaranteed Quality of Testing

 The Ruesch Clinic test laboratory is one of the international group of laboratories [about 20.000 in the world]  which uses the Randox International Quality  Assessment Scheme [UK]. All the laboratory technicians are specialists with a degree in Clinical Pathology. The techniques used represent the state of the art. Patients are treated in a personalized and comfortable manner. The test results are prompt and, if necessary and technically possible, available immediately. There is total transparency and willingness to provide patients with all the information and clarification requested, both in the pre-analytical phase and in the interpretation of the results.

The laboratory is able to provide doctors with all the analytical data necessary for clinical diagnosis and the treatment of in- or out-patients.

In addition to this, differentiated health check-ups based on age and sex are available.


We carry out the following tests:

Haematology,  Immunohematology, Coagulation  [including test for congenital  and acquired thrombophilia], Haematochemistry [including  tumour tracers and biochemical testing for osteoporosis], Endocrinology, Immunopathology [including  autoimmunity and allergy], Gynaecology and Obstetrics [including laboratory test for couple infertility, polyabortivity, preparatory tests for medically assisted conception and antenatal diagnostics]. Classic and molecular Microbiology and Virology [including serodiagnosis of infectious diseases and direct search for viruses and  bacteria in  tampons or other material   through specific amplification of DNA or RNA, and Breath Test], Medical  genetics, Pathologic anatomy [Cyto-histopathology, with the medical advice of an expert in the field].

In order to provide such a wide range of  analytic services, essential today  for clinical diagnosis and the  treatment of in- and out-patients, the Ruesch laboratory  collaborates with selected specialized and highly qualified centres.

The laboratory is available 24  hrs. a day.



 T. +39 081.7178.451

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During the diagnostic proceedures the consultants at Clinica Ruesch are available to answer any questions.

Any emergency situations will be dealt with straight away by the staff at the clinic.

At Clinica Ruesch it is possible to have various types of ultrasound examinations:

  • Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound Colour Doppler 3D – 4D
  • Prenatal Diagnostics in 3D/4D
  • Prenatal Diagnostic Tests
  • Gynaecological Diagnostics

The Ruesch Clinic offers a variety of ultrasound examinations.



T. +39 081.7178.451

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Prenatal & Gynaecology Diagnostics

Ruesch Thueris is the Centre of Gynaecology and Prenatal Diagnostics at the Ruesch Clinic in Naples.

The centre takes its name from Egyptian culture, where Thueris was the god who protected women, children and pregnancy.

The idea of the Centre is to support the woman in all phases of her life, offering a wide range of diagnostic services; from screening and prevention through to fuller, more detailed examinations.

The services that the Ruesch Thueris Centre offers are aimed solely at women and mothers.

For Women:

The Ruesch Thueris Centre specialises in the diagnosis of the most common gynaelogical problems like infertility, endometriosis, neoplasia.

For Mothers and for Couples:

To help ensure that the pregnancy is as relaxed as possible for both mother and father, the specialists at the Ruesch Thueris Centre use the most up to date prenatal diagnostics and most efficient technology & equipment for ultrasound, biochemical and genetics.

It is possible to have a detailed understanding of the health of the unborn baby from the first trimestre of pregnancy.

Depending on specific obstetrical situations the specialists will advise on which diagnostic preceedure is most suited (age of mother, previous chromosome or genetic illnesses , infections during pregnancy, foetal deformity).

Thanks to the highly specialisted team, the multi-disciplined approach and advanced and reliable ultrasound technology,  the Centre offers personalised diagnostic services based on the historic clinical record of each patient.

The Centre guarantees the admission to the clinic for patients who undergo invasive proceedures (like amniocentesis, CVS), for a closer monitoring of possible complications.  In advance there will be an appointment to provide all the correct information & medical notes as well as a review of the most recent and suitable genetic examinations (QF-PCR, array CGH, non invasive pre-natal tests (NIPT)) for each specific case.   These will be reviewed by the relevant specialists at the clinic.

Gynaelogical Ultrasound

Examination of Deep Endometriosis

Analysis of 2D & 3D Morphology

Foetal Ultrasound

Ultrasound First Trimester (6-11 weeks) – sonogram

Examination of First Trimester screening (11-14 weeks)

Ultrasound Early Anatomic (12-14 weeks)

Ultrasound Genetic (17-20 weeks)

Ultrasound Standard Anatomic Second Trimester(20-22 weeks)

Ultrasound Third Trimester with flussimetria (30-34 weeks)

Foetal Echocardiography

Foetal Flowmetry

Foetal Biophysical Profile

Uterus Flowmetry with pre-eclampsia screening

Chromosome & Genetic Tests

Combined Test (Duo Test)

Invasive Prenatal Tests (Amniocentesis and CVS)

Genetic Analysis

Conventional foetal cariotyping

Non invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

Comparative genomic hybridisation (Array CGH)

Foetal DNA on maternal blood

MPS on Foetal cells



T. +39 081.7178.470


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Mammography & Screening

State of the Art Technology

High Level of Diagnostic Reliability

The Centre of the Breast Diagnostics at the Ruesch Clinic has modern and innovative equipment, that ensures that precise examinations, using the best technology available today, can be carried out in one visit and with one dedicated radiologist.

A breast screening examination can include a variety the following proceedures:

1. Mammography with direct digital tomosynthesis 3D

2. Doppler Ultrasound

3. Elastosonography

4. FNAB (Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy)

The mammography with direct digital tomosynthesis 3D, can have significant ADVANTAGES for the patient:

• Excellent quality of the image to ensure a high level of diagnostic reliability

• Outstanding definition of the dense parts of the breasts

• Possibility to immediately & directly compare with previous test results

Along with the Doppler ultrasound, which is often already sufficient to obtain a precise diagnosis, we also use an elastosonography that adds additional diagnostic elements and notably reduces the the need to move to more invasive tests.

With the precise and accurate diagnosis, the patient can discuss their case with their personal doctor or if they prefer, they can begin a consultation with one of the surgical breast specialists at the Ruesch Clinic.

Any emergency situations will be dealt with straight away by the staff at the clinic.

Other breast diagnostic examinations:

Evaluation of microcalcification, galactography, elastosonography, breast test resports, echo guided biopsies, breast ultrasound scanning.


T. +39 081.7178.451

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Clinica RUESCH Napoli

Cara Mamma, La ringraziamo per l’interessamento che ha mostrato nei confronti della nostra struttura. Nell’attesa del lieto evento, la Clinica Ruesch spera di farle cosa gradita elencando di seguito tutto ciò che bisogna portare in Clinica sia per il ricovero che per il rientro a casa. Inoltre il nostro personale specializzato provvederà a guidare la diade madre-padre alla prima accoglienza e all’iniziale accudimento del piccolo. [ 238 more words ]

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Sta per Nascere: Lista delle cose da portare in Clinica e per il ritorno a casa

Cara Mamma,

La ringraziamo per l’interessamento che ha mostrato nei confronti della nostra struttura.

Nell’attesa del lieto evento, la Clinica Ruesch spera di farle cosa gradita elencando di seguito tutto ciò che bisogna portare in Clinica sia per il ricovero che per il rientro a casa.

Inoltre il nostro personale specializzato provvederà a guidare la diade madre-padre alla prima accoglienza e all’iniziale accudimento del piccolo.

Documentazione Sanitaria:

  • Documento d’identità
  • Scheda gravidanza completa di recenti esami del sangue e delle urine, gruppo sanguigno
  • Ultima ecografia
  • Copia documento d’identità del padre (per riconoscimento)


Oggetti Personali:

  • 5 camicie da notte con bottoncini in fibra naturale (cotone o lino )
  • Una vestaglia
  • Un paio di pantofole
  • Mutandine monouso in rete taglia unica
  • Mutande comode
  • Un paio di calzini di cotone
  • Salviette umidificate
  • Fazzoletti di carta
  • Assorbenti grandi post parto (verranno forniti dalla Clinica)
  • Burro cacao
  • Alcune caramelle per il travaglio
  • Musica e/o libro
  • 2/3 reggiseni di misura superiore per l’allattamento (non di più perché il seno potrebbe cambiare taglia)
  • Fascia elastica ( chiedere al proprio ginecologo)
  • Sapone detergente intimo

N.B. Non mettere lo smalto sulle unghie



  • Body a mezze maniche in cotone
  • Tutine a gambe lunghe (ciniglia o cotone caldo in inverno cotone in estate)
  • Calzini, Coprispalle (in inverno),
  • Muffole
  • Quadrati di stoffa per il bambino
  • Camicina della fortuna se proprio necessario


Ti ricordiamo che la Clinica Ruesch fornisce al nascituro il corredino (di colore bianco) durante il periodo di degenza.




  • Garze sterili per il cordone ombelicale
  • Polvere a base di Arnica
  • Olio da bagno
  • Pasta all’ossido di zinco
  • Pannolini taglia newborn (2.5-5 Kg)
  • Ciuccio in silicone (se proprio necessario)


Ricordiamo alle mamme che il personale del Nido è sempre a Vostra disposizione – 24/h su 24.


Contatti Nido Clinica Ruesch:

  1. +39 081.7178.300
  2. +39 081.7178.517


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It takes just a few hours to carry out the check up, each one personalised to meet each patient's needs - age, sex, predisposition or previous exposure to an illness.  The patient is accompanied throughout the diagnostic tests by dedicated medical staff.


The Check-up  includes:

  • Laboratory tests
  • Instrumental and clinical- specialist tests.
  • Specialist examinations


Ruesch Check Up: 

  • Basic
  • Prevention of Prostate illnesses
  • Prevention of Colon-retto illnesses
  • Prevention of Breast illnesses
  • Prevention of Uterus illnesses
  • Prevention of Menopause Symptoms
  • Prevention of Eye illnesses


The Ruesch Clinic has agreements, regarding both admissions and outpatient treatments, with most of the Health Insurance Organizations, Funds and Professional National Insurance Funds.

Besides this, the Ruesch Clinic has agreements with Public and Private Organizations, Societies and Associations.

The Ruesch Card  offers very interesting advantages . Ask for and activate a Ruesch Card!



Telephone: +39 081.7178.451- Special answering service

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Outstanding Specialists

In the modern and well-equipped Outpatients’ Department  of the Ruesch Clinic  highly specialized  professionals place their expertise at disposal in each particular field.

The activity of the specialist medical staff is backed up by a special answering machine  which accepts patients’ reservations, in order to ensure the utmost efficiency of the service.



Telephone: +39 081.7178.425 – Special answering  service

Monday to Friday from 8  a.m. to 7  p.m.

Saturday from 8  a.m. to 2  p.m.


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